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So here it is

About Me

Hello, my name is Ignacio Valdez, from Ogden Utah. Why Nacho? Nacho is the nickname for Ignacio just like “Bob” is for “Robert” I am originally from Monterrey Mexico and I came over to the USA in 2003. Since a was very young I wanted the be part of the United States society. Back in those childhood days I used to practice the English language like no other because I felt it was part of me. I finally came to the USA for the first time and I could not believe how awesome the United States is and how much of liberties people enjoy here. 

On November 4th I officially became a United States Citizen, such an awesome day !! That day I registered as a Republican and I started to participate in many capacities in the election process in order to learn each and everyone of them. As I started to get more involved in the process I noticed many things in the political spectrum that really caught my eye. Not just the way people vote, it was also how individuals would get elected, then later on; forget the reasons why they were elected and change their original ways that made them be in office. I also saw many things out there within individuals that sided with different perspectives. 

I decided to be on the side of the conservative side due to its leanings towards the US Constitution, The Amendments and the Bill of Rights. Another thing that really made me side with the conservative movement is the fact that I also believe in God, being a Christian; I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as such, I strongly believe in the correct structure of the family, as well as honor and sustaining the law. I also believe that God has created a plan to protect this sacred land that we live in. I solemnly swore to be an instrument in the hangs of God to protect the Constitution against enemies that try to destroy it, foreign and domestic. 

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